Fabrication method of large diameter elbow

Due to the large diameter of large diameter elbow, direct pushing requires large pushing equipment, so both equipment technology and material cost are relatively high. Butt welding elbow and shrimp waist elbow are the most commonly used in the market. Let’s learn about the next two methods in detail.

large diameter elbow

large diameter elbow

The raw materials for the production of butt welded elbows are steel plates, which are cut according to the specifications. After the cutting, they are put into the elbow blank for stamping, forming into two cross section elbows. Then they are welded twice, the welds are polished, and then the opening is turned, sandblasting, typing and packaging are completed. In this way, a complete large diameter elbow is manufactured.

Shrimp waist elbow is obviously different from the butt welding elbow above. Shrimp waist elbow has more welds and higher technical requirements for welders. However, shrimp waist elbow can be processed in a wide range of diameters, ranging from DN600 to 1500 or even larger. Due to its large diameter and many welds, it is mostly used in pipes with low pressure.

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