Haihao Group secures new order from russian client for diverse range of piping products

In a testament to our commitment to excellence and global partnerships, Haihao Group proudly announces a new order from our esteemed client in Russia. The comprehensive order encompasses a variety of piping components, including elbows, tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, nipples, couplings, caps, weldolets, and more. The order, totaling a weight of 35 tons, comprises both seamless and welded products, featuring materials such as ASTM A420 GR.WPL6, ASTM A182 GR.F316/316L, ASTM A403 GR.WP304/304L, and others.



Product Range:

Elbows: Precision-crafted elbows to facilitate fluid flow in various piping systems.

Tees: Essential components for branching pipelines with precision and strength.

Reducers (Concentric and Eccentric): Designed to seamlessly connect pipes of different diameters.

Nipples: Threaded connectors for joining pipes and fittings.

Couplings: Reliable connectors for ensuring secure and leak-free joints.

Caps: End closures to prevent unwanted substances from entering the pipeline.

Weldolets: Ideal for branching in a welding outlet manner, ensuring structural integrity.

Threaded Outlets: Featuring double-threaded ends for versatile connection options.

Materials Used:

ASTM A420 GR.WPL6: Low-temperature carbon steel known for its excellent weldability.

ASTM A182 GR.F316/316L: High-grade stainless steel offering corrosion resistance and durability.

ASTM A403 GR.WP304/304L: Stainless steel with exceptional formability and corrosion resistance.

Quality Assurance: At Haihao Group, quality is our top priority. Each product in this order adheres to stringent industry standards and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure precision, durability, and compliance with client specifications.

Global Collaboration: This order signifies our commitment to fostering strong international collaborations. We are dedicated to providing top-notch piping solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

Haihao Group is excited about this new collaboration with our Russian client, and we look forward to delivering high-quality products that contribute to the success of their projects. This order reaffirms our position as a leading provider of comprehensive piping solutions on the global stage.