How to choose the type of stainless steel pipe fitting?

Because stainless steel pipe fitting is their condition in a variety of different joint designed to work, and therefore needs to choose a suitable pipe fitting type, in order to achieve the best use of join performance. Mainly reflected in the characteristics of pipe fitting types, namely, the formation of the liquid leaving the pipe of the shape as well as its operating performance.

pipe selection factors flow, pressure, liquid angle, coverage, impact, temperature, materials, applications, and these factors are often implicated each other, mutual restraint.

The type of stainless steel pipe fitting you can choose:

stainless steel grease fitting material should be based on the chemical properties of the bath to determine:

1, for non-corrosive bath according to the difficulty of processing, the use of alloy steel pipe fitting;

2, in order to prevent corrosion, stainless steel pipe fitting may be used;

3, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other strong corrosive bath, can be seamless pipe fitting;

4, for the phosphate bath pipe materials commonly used acid-resistant stainless steel;

5, to prevent corrosion of the pipe fitting can also be directly made of stainless steel or nylon production.