Pakistani customers order a batch of malleable steel pipe fittings

In a recent collaboration, valued customers in Pakistan chose superior quality and thus selected a range of top-notch pipe fittings offered by Haihao Group. We are committed to providing solutions that meet and exceed expectations, taking pride in superior quality and adhering to international standards.

malleable steel pipe fittings

malleable steel pipe fittings

Ordering Products:

Pipe cap (cap weld pipe fittings cap pipe A234 WPB):

Threaded pipe hoop (screwed pipe fittings socket MI screwed malleable steel):

90 degree reducing thread elbow (screwed pipe fittings elbow reduction 90 deg. MI. screwed malleable steel):

Threaded pipe cap (screwed pipe fittings cap pipe MI screwed malleable steel):

Hexagonal double wire head (screwed pipe fittings nipple hexagonal malleable steel):

Screwed pipe fittings bushing hex head malleable steel:

Double-headed fully threaded bolts + 2 nuts + 2 washers (bolts A.S ASTM A193 B7, nuts A194 2H, washer 2A, stub bolt with 2 nuts & 2 washers):

All products ordered by customers meet the strict standards of ASME B16.9, ensuring excellent quality and performance. The customer requires that all malleable steel parts be packed in cartons, with the quantity of each small package not exceeding 30 pieces. The customer provided the production drawings of some pipe fittings. Haihao Group will strictly standardize the production process according to the customer’s requirements and complete this batch of orders for the customer. Haihao Group has been deeply involved in the field of pipeline systems for many years. Our company can meet various customized needs of customers. If you need these supporting products for pipeline systems, please feel free to contact us.