S355ML steel plate high-quality low-alloy high-strength structural steel

S355ML steel is a type of low-alloy high-strength structural steel. Known for its excellent weldability, toughness, and cold deformation properties, S355ML steel finds applications in various structural uses such as building structures, bridges, lifting equipment, and maritime vessels.

Named for its characteristics, S355 denotes its minimum tensile strength of 355 MPa, while ML signifies the steel’s low-temperature toughness. The “M” stands for “Thermo-Mechanical Rolling,” and “L” indicates its suitability for low temperatures.

S355ML steel plate

S355ML steel plate

The chemical composition of S355ML steel typically includes:

Chromium (Cr)Nickel (Ni)

Generally below 0.30%Generally below 0.50%

Carbon(C) Silicon (Si) Manganese (Mn) Phosphorus (P) Sulfur (S) Molybdenum (Mo) Copper (Cu)
Not exceeding 0.14% Not exceeding 0.50% Below 1.60% Not exceeding 0.025% Not exceeding 0.020% Generally below 0.50% Generally below 0.55%
Chromium (Cr) Nickel (Ni) Vanadium (V) Niobium (Nb) Titanium (Ti) Aluminum (Al) The remainder is iron (Fe)
Generally below 0.30% Generally below 0.50% Generally below 0.10% Generally below 0.05% Generally below 0.10% Generally below 0.03%

Mechanical performance indicators include:

Tensile Strength (Yield Strength): Minimum 355 MPa

Yield Point (Rp0.2): Minimum 345 MPa

Elongation (A): Minimum 22%

Impact Strength (KV, -40℃): Minimum 27 J

S355ML steel offers a robust solution for projects demanding structural integrity, versatility, and resilience. Its carefully balanced composition and exceptional mechanical properties make it a preferred choice for various industries where high-strength materials are essential. Whether used in the construction of towering structures or maritime vessels, S355ML steel delivers the reliability and performance required for demanding applications.

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