12th batch of premium pipe fittings to our valued Turkish client

At the beginning of this year, a distinguished client from Turkey placed a substantial order with Haihao Group, encompassing a variety of pipe fittings such as steel pipes, elbows, tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, and flange supports. The total order exceeded 100 tons and has been delivered in multiple shipments.

Pipe fittings are packaged in plastic

Pipe fittings are packaged in plastic

Today marks a significant milestone as we dispatch the 12th batch of products tailored to meet the specific needs of our esteemed Turkish client. Let’s take a closer look at two key products in this shipment:

90° elbow B 16.11 A105 CL. 3000:

Precision Engineering: Our 90° elbows are crafted with precision engineering, adhering to the highest standards of B 16.11 and A105 CL. 3000 specifications.

Superior Strength: Designed for applications requiring robust performance, these elbows offer superior strength and durability.

Seamless Welding: The socket weld ends facilitate seamless welding, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.

Protective Coating: Each elbow is meticulously enveloped in a protective film, guaranteeing its pristine condition upon arrival.

American standard socket weld flanges finished in Haihao Group

American standard socket weld flanges finished in Haihao Group

SW FLANGE B16.5, RF A105 CL. 1500:

Flawless Flange Design: Our socket weld flanges, adhering to B16.5 standards and A105 CL. 1500 specifications, boast a flawless design for optimal performance.

Raised Face for Sealing: The raised face design enhances sealing capabilities, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

High Pressure Applications: Ideal for high-pressure applications, these flanges deliver exceptional reliability and performance.

Protective Packaging: To safeguard these critical components during transit, both the flanges and elbows are carefully wrapped in protective films.

As we celebrate the successful delivery of the 12th batch, we extend our gratitude to our Turkish client for their trust in Haihao Group. Our mission is to continue providing top-notch pipe fittings, showcasing excellence in precision, durability, and protective packaging. We look forward to many more successful collaborations and the opportunity to contribute to the success of our valued clients worldwide.Email:sales@haihaogroup.com