Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic particle test

The main advantages of magnetic particle testing:

  • Find flaws on the surface and near surfaces
  • Fast examination method with an immediate result
  • An easy method as compared to other NDT methods
  • Portable and low-cost equipment.
  • Defects are visible directly on the surface.
  • Relatively safe method.
  • Hot testing can be performed using dry particles.
  • The shape and size of the cracks are indicated.
  • Less training requirements.
Magnetic particle testing for large diameter elbow in Haihao Group

Magnetic particle testing for large diameter elbow in Haihao Group

Disadvantages of Magnetic Particle Inspection:

The major drawbacks of magnetic particle examination are

  • MPI is limited only for ferromagnetic materials like steels, cast irons, etc. Non-ferrous materials, cannot be inspected.
  • The inspection is limited to small sections only. The examination of large parts may require the use of special equipment.
  • Equipment must be calibrated, with no permanent record of the result.
  • Before inspection thick paints (>0.005″) shall be removed.
  • Post cleaning and demagnetization are normally required.
  • Magnetic flux and indications must be aligned for proper results.
  • Access may be a problem for the magnetizing equipment.
  • Testing in two perpendicular directions required.

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