Haihao Group excellent valve manufacturing and quality control

At Haihao Group, we pride ourselves on our meticulous manufacturing processes and stringent quality control measures, particularly in the production of pressure pipeline components such as valves. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every valve we produce meets the highest industry standards and fulfills the specific needs of our customers.



Valve Manufacturing Process

Valve manufacturing involves several detailed steps, from the initial casting of the valve body to the final assembly and testing. Here’s a comprehensive overview of our valve manufacturing process:

1.Valve Body Manufacturing

Casting: The process begins with the casting of valve blanks.

Heat Treatment: Cast blanks undergo heat treatment to enhance material properties.

Inspection: We conduct thorough inspections according to industry standards.

Machining: Initial rough machining of the valve body.

Radiographic Inspection: Ensures the integrity of the cast.

Sealing Surface Preparation: Machining of sealing surfaces and weld overlay areas.

Welding and Post-Weld Heat Treatment: Welding of sealing surfaces followed by heat treatment.

Finishing: Final machining of the valve body.

Hardness and Dye Penetrant Testing: Inspecting the sealing surfaces for hardness and defects.

Grinding: Final grinding of the sealing surfaces.

Final Inspection and Storage: Comprehensive inspection before storing the valve body.

2.Valve Internal Components

Valve Stem:

Material Procurement and Inspection: Ensuring raw materials meet required standards.

Blank Production: Creating blanks from round steel or forgings as per design specifications.

Heat Treatment and Rough Machining: Initial shaping and heat treatment.

Ultrasonic Testing: Inspecting for internal defects.

Precision Machining: Finishing outer diameters and sealing surfaces.

Surface Treatment: Processes like nitriding or chemical plating for enhanced durability.

Final Inspection and Storage: Ensuring compliance with standards before storage.

Sealing Surface Components (e.g., Gates, Discs):

Casting or Forging: Creating blanks as per design requirements.

Heat Treatment and Inspection: Enhancing and verifying material properties.

Machining and Weld Overlay: Rough machining followed by sealing surface welding.

Post-Weld Heat Treatment and Finishing: Ensuring the integrity and precision of sealing surfaces.

Dye Penetrant and Hardness Testing: Verifying surface quality and hardness.

Final Grinding and Inspection: Ensuring perfect sealing surfaces before storage.

Other Internal Components:

Material Procurement and Inspection: Ensuring raw materials meet required standards.

Blank Production and Machining: Creating and machining components as per design specifications.

Ultrasonic Testing (if required): Inspecting for internal defects.

Final Precision Machining and Inspection: Ensuring compliance with standards before storage.

3.Standard Parts (Fasteners, Packing, etc.):

Procurement and Inspection: Ensuring all standard parts meet industry standards.

Storage: Properly storing all inspected parts for assembly.

4.Final Assembly:

Parts Retrieval and Cleaning: Ensuring all components are clean and ready for assembly.

Assembly and Pressure Testing: Assembling valves and conducting pressure tests as per design specifications.

Final Cleaning, Painting, and Packaging: Ensuring the valves are ready for shipment.

Shipment: Carefully packaging and dispatching the valves to customers.

Valve Inspection and Testing

Upon completing assembly, valves undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure they meet design and national quality standards. Key inspection and testing activities include:

Shell Strength and Sealing Performance: Verifying the integrity and leak-proof nature of the valve.

Upper Seal Performance and Material Quality: Checking cast and forged parts for chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Operational Testing: Ensuring continuous, fault-free opening and closing.

Dimensional Checks: Measuring minimum wall thickness, stem diameter, and internal cleanliness.

Operational Torque and Safety Tests: Including anti-static and fire tests, flow tests, and specific tests for safety, pressure relief, and steam traps as per technical standards.

Haihao Group’s dedication to quality and precision in valve manufacturing ensures our products meet the highest industry standards. Our comprehensive manufacturing and quality control processes guarantee that our valves perform reliably in the most demanding conditions. For more information about our products and services, please contact Haihao Group today.