Introduction of precision steel pipe

Precision steel pipe is a kind of high precision steel pipe material which is processed by cold drawing or hot rolling. The precision steel pipe has high dimensional precision and high surface finish. After heat treatment, there is no oxide film on the inner and outer surface of the steel pipe. The steel pipe is flaring, flattening without crack, cold bending without deformation, and can withstand high pressure. Precision steel pipes can be seamless or welded.

Precision steel pipes

Precision steel pipes

Precision steel pipe is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle, petrochemical, electric power, ship, aerospace, bearing, pneumatic components, middle and low pressure boiler seamless steel pipe and other categories, can also be applied to steel sleeve, bearing, hydraulic, mechanical processing and other fields.

It has the following characteristics:

  1. Smaller outside diameter.
  2. High precision can be used for small batch production.
  3. The cold-drawn products have high precision and good surface quality.
  4. The cross area of steel pipe is more complex.
  5. The performance of steel pipe is superior and the metal is dense.

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