Introduction of SMAW

In the pipeline industry,the welding is very important in the manufacturing of piping goods.SMAW is one of the important welding methods.

SMAW otherwise stick welding is the short term of the Shielded Metal Arc Welding.The term stick means the electrode, and it is covered within a protectant flux. An electrode grip holds the stick within place & an electric arc can be formed using DC (direct current) otherwise AC (alternating current).

A replaceable electrode “stick” also serves the role of filler metal. An arc is created that connects from the end of the stick to the base metals, melting the electrode into filler metal and creating the weld. The stick is coated in flux that creates a gas cloud when heated up and protects the metal from oxidation. As it cools, the gas settles on the metal and becomes slag.

OD508MM SCHXS Q345 20 meter spiral welded pipes

OD508MM SCHXS Q345 20 meter spiral welded pipes

This process of welding started in the 1930s but continues to be updated and improved today. It has remained a popular form of welding because it is simple and easy to learn, as well as low cost to operate. However, it doesn’t create the neatest welds, since it splatters easily. Cleanup is usually necessary.

Since it doesn’t require gas, this process can be used outdoors, even in adverse weather such as rain and wind. It also works well on rusted, painted, and dirty surfaces, making it great for equipment repairs. Different types of electrodes are available and easy to swap, making it simple to weld metals of many different kinds, though it’s not great for thin metals.

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