Advantages of bimetal composite pipe

Last article we know what are bimetal composite pipes,we know bimetal composite pipes are an economical and reliable new type of pipe.There are the advantages of bimetal composite pipe:

Corrosion resistance: it can effectively prevent secondary pollution and meet the requirements of national direct drinking water quality standards;

High strength: it has strong anti extrusion and anti resonance, which greatly reduces the possibility of water pipe leakage caused by external force impact, and avoids a large amount of waste of water resources caused by leakage;

Good stability: the coefficient of thermal expansion is almost the same at – 20 ~ 350 ℃ (small coefficient of thermal expansion, high heat resistance);

The pipe wall is smooth and uniform, without scaling, the diameter is guaranteed, and the energy consumption of transportation is low;

Bimetal composite pipes

Bimetal composite pipes

It is connected by traditional technology, safe, flexible and reliable;

The heat loss of stainless steel pipe is 24 times of that of copper pipe, which greatly saves the heat loss in hot water transportation;

Excellent cost performance: the total cost is only two-thirds of the price of thin-walled stainless steel pipe and one-fifth of the price of copper pipe.

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