Processing technology of tee pipe fittings

Tee is a kind of pipe fitting used at the branch of pipe. For using seamless tube to manufacture tee joint, there are two kinds of commonly used processes: hydraulic bulging and hot pressing.

The hydraulic bulging of the tee is a forming process of expanding the branch pipe through the axial compensation of metal materials. The process is to use a special hydraulic press to inject liquid into the tube blank with the same diameter as the tee, and extrude the tube blank through two horizontal side cylinders of the hydraulic press synchronously. After being extruded, the volume of the tube blank becomes smaller, and the pressure of the liquid in the tube blank increases with the decrease of the tube blank volume. When the pressure required for the expansion of the tee branch pipe is reached, the liquid pressure of the metal material in the side cylinder and tube blank is double The branch pipe is expanded by flowing along the die cavity under heavy action.

Ultrasonic testing for butt welding equal tee

Ultrasonic testing for butt welding equal tee

Hot pressing forming of tee is to flatten the tube blank larger than the diameter of tee to the diameter of tee, and open a hole at the position of drawing branch pipe; after heating, the tube blank is put into the forming die, and the die for drawing branch pipe is installed in the tube blank; under the action of pressure, the tube blank is compressed radially, and the metal flows to the branch pipe direction in the process of radial compression and is stretched in the die A branch pipe is formed at the bottom. The whole process is formed by radial compression of tube blank and drawing process of branch pipe. Different from the hydraulic bulging tee, the metal of hot pressed tee branch pipe is compensated by the radial movement of tube blank, so it is also called radial compensation process.

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