Spiral wound gasket for flanges

Spiral wound gasket is components of metallic strip,filler,and guide ring (outer and inner ring).

Strapping material could be stainless 304,304L,316,316L or other materials as request.

Filling Materials are flexible graphite,or PTFF,filling thickness usually 0.175in.

Outer ring material could be carbon steel, galvanized CS,or stainless steel, or others as request, thickness usually o.125inch.

Inner ring material same as outer ring material,or same times different as request, it could be carbon steel,galvanized CS or stainless steel.

316L spiral wound gasket

316L spiral wound gasket

Fabrication standard of the gasket ASME B16.20,Nominal diameter of flange as request,class of flange,150#,300#,600#,900#,1500#,and so one.

Flange type RF,RTJ,FF and so on.

Fabrication standard of the flange ASME B16.5.

Hebei haihao group can offer many kinds of gasket as request,1-flange size,2-pressure class 150#,300#,600#,900# and so on,3-gasket thickness (standard is 0.125″(1/8″)),4-Filler material,5-Metallic strip material,6- outer ring and inner ring material, if not specified,maybe offer as carbon steel.