The functions and methods of steel pipe coating

Steel pipe coating is an anti-corrosion coating treatment, preventing steel pipes form corrosion or damage in the process of storage and transportation.

In the past,steel pipes are all brushed artificially one by one by black bituminous paint. This work not only requires a lot of labor, but also takes up a considerable amount of plant area. Besides, because of the opaque asphalt paint, users are difficult to see the surface condition of steel pipes. At the same time, printing logo work must be carried out after the drying of coating. Although electrostatic painting equipments and high pressure spray devices are introduced later, there are still lots of problems in the process of use, such as: long drying time, not idea environmental protection and corrosion resistance.

Flange coated with anticorroison coating and plastic cap for protection

Flange coated with anticorroison coating and plastic cap for protection

Therefore, China did a lot of research and development work in this aspect, in terms of coating materials, manufacturers have developed translucent and transparent water soluble fast-drying paint which is suitable for spray coating. Also, a new kind of automatic device with high pressure spray coating and paint recycling has been developed to meet the manufacturing requirement. For technology, steel preheating spraying technology (intermediate frequency) has been developed with good safety, high quality coating and clean surrounding environment.