What causes the corrosion of pipe fittings?

Corrosion of pipe fittings refers to the degradation and destruction of metal materials caused by the chemical and electrochemical action between the metal material surface and the environmental medium. In petroleum pipelines, common corrosion is mainly caused by corrosive substances such as CO2, H2S, C1-, a small amount of dissolved oxygen and bacteria dissolved in crude oil. These substances directly interact with metals to cause chemical corrosion.

Plastic lined flanged 90 degree elbow

Plastic lined flanged 90 degree elbow

Chemical corrosion is not very harmful, and the main cause of cavitation and perforation on the surface of pipe fittings is actually from electrochemical corrosion. When the metal undergoes electrochemical reaction, the electrode with low potential will easily lose electrons and become the anode. The part of the electrode with higher potential gains electrons and becomes the cathode. In the presence of O2 and H20, Fe(OH)2 generates hydrated iron oxide, which causes corrosion.

To prevent and treat corrosion, we should first understand the causes of corrosion, and then prepare preventive and solution measures against the causes of corrosion, so as to extend the service life of pipe fittings.

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