What’s the anti-corrosive steel pipe lined with cement mortar?

Anti-corrosive steel pipe lined with cement mortar refers to the anti-corrosive and wear-resistant treatment of cement mortar inside the pipe body. As the steel pipe lined with cement mortar is filled with concrete, it can absorb a lot of heat energy. Therefore, the temperature field of the cross-section of the pipe column is not evenly distributed in case of fire, which increases the fire resistance time of the column and slows down the heating rate of the steel column. Once the steel column yields, the concrete can bear most of the axial load and prevent the structure from collapsing.



The fire resistance of composite beams will also increase, because the temperature of steel beams will transfer heat from the top flange to the concrete and reduce. According to the experimental statistics, it can save 1 / 3-2 / 3 or even more fire retardant coating to meet the requirement of first-class fire resistance for 3 hours compared with steel column. With the increase of steel pipe diameter, the more coating can be saved.

The cement coating is formed on the inner wall of the steel pipe through the centrifuge or pipe spraying machine, which is mainly to extend the service life of the water supply pipe, protect the water quality and improve the water delivery capacity of the pipe.

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