Differences between forging and casting

Both forging and casting are metal-working processes commonly used in industry. They are often not restricted to metals.The main operations of the two processes are different.In the case of forging, when a metal is in a solid state, it is treated with compression forces until the desired shape is obtained.During the process of casting, the metal is heated until it melts and then the molten liquid is poured into a mold to obtain the desired shape. This is the main difference between casting and forging.

Rolled Forging Ring Flange

Rolled Forging Ring Flange

When forging, the organization of the materials will be high internal pressure and defects will disappear and the density increase, make the internal organization of more uniform, and at the same time, make the continuous mechanical properties improve greatly. After forging,heat treatment must be done.

The streamlined and the organization of forging is good, dense is good too, but the internal organization and streamline of casting part is poor (if it is cutting part, streamline is worse).

Forging part can withstand the shear strength and tensile force higher  than casting part.

Casting flanges, blank shape and size accurate, manufactured. Low cost. But small have cast defects (vent. Crack with).

Forging flanges internal organization. Mechanical performance is better than even casting flange forging process. Not also can appear grain big or not all. Sclerosis crack phenomenon. Forging costs than casting flange.

Forging flanges flanges carbon than general casting low is not easy to rust.

Casting Process

Casting Process

If the shape is simpler, or forging a little bit better, word of batch production cost is not very tall, and forging can receive more even than the organization, the mechanical properties of casting is much better.
If the shape only consider using complex casting method.

Forging of various performance than the casting far. Cost and also higher than that of casting. Often used to teach important forging work conditions, often the working pressure, temperature, medium parameter determination. This flange standards and your design product standards to have specific provision.

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