Introduction of FBE coated pipes

With the development of coating technique,more and more client require FBE coated pipes.What is the feature and types for FBE coated pipes?

FBE coated pipe Features

The advantage of the FBE coating pipe is convenient to spraying, no pollution, excellent resistance for high-temperature (-40°C to 85°C);
High strength and anti-bending performances;
Strong adhesion, good integrity, anti soil stress and wear;
FBE coated steel pipe usually buried in soil and under water between -40~85°C temperature.

On the other hand, the defect of the FBE pipe is it doesn’t have good resistance to mechanical performances and humid conditions.

FBE steel pipes

FBE steel pipes

How many types for the FBE coated pipe?

It developed from 1950s, and industrialization in 1960s. FBE pipe have two kinds: One layer and two layers pipe. FBE Dual layers coated pipe is recommended to applied for the offshore pipelines and the pipelines systems that operated in the tough environments, it provides high performances on the impact resistance and flexibility. Offers suitable protection for the coating from the damage during transportation and construction.

While FBE single layer coated pipe is the generally type for the FBE coated pipe. It offers a rough, non-slip surface for a pipeline that need concrete coating. A special fusion bonded epoxy powder mixed with solid epoxy resin and other adhesive material that helped to adhere to pipe surface.

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