Introduction of liquid applied epoxy lining

Liquid applied epoxy lining is one important lining type.It has excellent water and chemical resistance properties. They can be applied at various thicknesses and are factory applied to provide a dielectric lining. Bonded dielectric lining systems can be applied as either a single or a multiple-coat process. They are tough, resilient, and extremely abrasion resistant, making them a lining choice for high internal velocity service environments.

Steel pipes coating with intergard 475HS epoxy

Steel pipes coating with intergard 475HS epoxy

The liquid applied epoxy lining systems may consist of any of the following three types:

  • A two-part, chemically cured epoxy primer and one or more coats of a different two-part, chemically cured epoxy topcoat;
  • Two or more coats of the same two-part, chemically cured epoxy coating;
  • a single coat of a two-part, chemically cured epoxy coating.

Epoxy linings do have some limitations that must be considered prior to application. A critical performance factor to all linings is the surface preparation of the metal. Minimum curing times and temperatures must also be closely followed, and can range from hours to days depending on the formulation. Epoxies are typically applied by airless spray or brushed on to the pipe. They are considered barrier linings, requiring 100% continuity to achieve corrosion protection. Any discontinuity can result in corrosion; unless a cathodic protection system is employed on the pipeline.

With proper surface preparation,controlled application,and conformance to strict curing procedures, thin-film epoxies can provide a strong, resistant, durable lining.

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