How does cement mortar lining protect steel water pipe

Cement mortar lining is one of the standard linings for steel water pipes.It has good performance to provide long-term protection for steel water pipe at a low cost.How does it protect the pipe?

Cement Mortar Lining Protect Steel Water Pipe

Cement Mortar Lining Protect Steel Water Pipe

The actual cement application of cement-mortar linings is performed by pumping or pouring a high slump cement mixture onto a slowly rotating length of pipe. The rotating speed is then increased, creating centrifugal forces that level out the wet mortar to a uniform thickness. Continued spinning removes the excess water and compacts the mixture to a dense and solid surface. After the spinning process, the lining is cured either by moist air at ambient temperature or by an accelerated process using steam. Like concrete, cement-mortar linings can develop drying cracks, but these cracks will self-heal when the lining is wet. Wetting the cement lining also causes the lining to swell, which increases strength and adherence. Cement-mortar linings can add significant stiffness for resistance to deflection forces. The strength of the mortar lining may be added to the strength of the steel when calculating stiffness.

In one word,cement mortar linings provide active protection of the steel pipe by creating a stable hydroxide film at the steel-mortar interface.

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