Introduction of oil pipeline

The oil pipeline is composed of oil pipes and their accessories, and is equipped with corresponding oil pump units according to the requirements of the process flow. It is designed and installed into a complete pipeline system to complete the oil receiving, unloading and transportation tasks. The oil pipeline system, that is, the pipeline system used to transport oil and petroleum products, is mainly composed of oil pipelines, oil stations and other auxiliary related equipment. It is one of the main equipment in the oil storage and transportation industry, and also the most important transportation equipment for crude oil and petroleum products. Compared with the railway and highway oil transportation, which belong to the land transportation mode, the pipeline oil transportation has the characteristics of large transportation volume, good sealing, low cost and high safety factor.

Oil pipeline

Oil pipeline

The pipes of oil pipelines are generally steel pipes, which are connected with long-distance pipelines by welding, flange and other connecting devices, elbows, elbows, tees and other pipe fittings, and valves are used for opening and closing control and flow regulation. The oil pipeline mainly includes isothermal transportation, heating transportation and sequential transportation. Pipeline corrosion and how to prevent corrosion are one of the important links of pipeline maintenance. At present, oil pipeline has become one of the main means of oil transportation, and it still has considerable development potential in the future.

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