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The construction environment of oil pipeline is various, and environmental factors must be fully considered when constructing the pipeline. Among all kinds of construction environment, desert is undoubtedly a difficult construction environment. The long-term high temperature has caused great trouble to the construction personnel and also brought greater challenges to the equipment. And due to the unique geographical environment of the desert, the thickness of quicksand layer must be fully considered to fix the pipeline.

Oil pipeline

Oil pipeline

Niger is one of the hottest regions in the world, and the highest temperature can even reach more than 50 degrees, which undoubtedly brings greater challenges to labor and products. In order to coordinate with the construction of Niger oil field surface phase II and Nigeria Benin pipeline project Haihao R & D department adopts the most advanced composite coating on the customized pipeline, and carries out strict quality inspection before delivery. It can withstand the high temperature of the sun and the wind and rain. The product has been recognized by customers.

Haihao has complete inspection facilities and experienced inspectors. We can perform dimensional inspection, chemical analysis, mechanical test, hardness test, positive material identification, non-destructive testing (including UT, MT, RT) and hydraulic test. We also accept any third party inspection designated by the customer, such as Lloyd’s register, BV, SGS, TUV, DNV, etc. In short, we can guarantee the quality according to the different requirements of customers. Welcome to consult our products.