What material is ASTM-A694 GR.F65?

F65 in ASTM a694 is carbon steel forging.

The full name of A694 is ASTM A694. It is the forging of carbon steel and alloy steel pipe flange, fittings, valves and parts for high pressure transmission equipment.

The grades of ASTM a694 are:F42,F46,F48,F50,F52,F56,F60,F65,F70.

ASTM A694 grade minimum yield strength (0.2% variant), Ksi (MPA) minimum tensile strength Ksi (MPA) minimum elongation at gauge length of 2 inches or 50mm,%, F65 65 65 (450) 77 (530) 20.

ASTM A694 GR.F65 steel pipes

ASTM A694 GR.F65 steel pipes

1.Forgings need to be uniform in each piece, free from porosity, excess space, inclusions or other defects. The components produced by this method have a high ratio of strength to weight. These elements are usually used in aircraft structures.

2.The advantages of forgings include extensible length, retractable cross-section, retractable length and extensible cross-section, changeable length and changeable cross-section. The types of forgings are: free forging/hand forging, hot die forging/precision forging, top forging, rolling forging and die forging.

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