Advantages and disadvantages of galvanized pipes applied to FPSO

Galvanized steel pipe is steel that has undergone chemical processing in order to make it corrosion resistant,it refers to steel pipe coated with zinc. This coating protects steel from corrosion and extends the life of FPSO ships. The advantages and disadvantages of galvanized steel pipes applied to FPSO are as follows:

Advantages of galvanized pipes applied to FPSO:

(1) antirust

The reaction of iron in steel with oxygen and water will easily cause corrosion, with zinc coating, can prevent the steel pipe rust.

(2)reduce the price

Plated steel pipes are usually cheaper than other popular pipe protection methods. Galvanizing requires less manual labor. Meanwhile, galvanized steel pipe has long service life and low maintenance cost.

(3)easy to check

The inspection of galvanized pipes can be done by eye and their thickness can be tested in a simple, non-destructive way.

Galvanized seamless steel pipes

Galvanized seamless steel pipes

Disadvantages of galvanized pipes applied to FPSO:

(1) internal corrosion

Although the zinc coating in galvanized tubes does prevent rusting for a while. But over time, the pipes can start to corrode from the inside out, which can eventually lead to leaks or ruptures.

(2) water pollution

When the galvanized pipe begins to corrode, the corroded material and lead that exposes the metal can seep into the water supply.

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