What are bimetal composite pipes?

Bimetal composite pipes take carbon steel or low alloy steel pipe as base pipe and CRA pipe as layer or lining pipe by patented technology and special equipment.It is a special metallurgical or mechanical process to ensure a tight bond between the base pipe and the layer or liner, and combines the strength of carbon steel or low alloy steel with the corrosion resistance of CRA.Bimetal composite pipes are an economical and reliable new type of pipe.

The bimetal composite pipe has a high strength compared to the corrosion resistant alloy tube.

1. Bimetal composite pipes have good abrasion resistance:

Compared with common steel pipe with internal anti-corrosion coating, bimetal composite pipe has better abrasion resistance.

2.Bimetal composite pipes have good heat resistance:

Compared with FRP/GRP pipe, bimetal composite pipe has better heat resistance.

Bimetal composite pipes

Bimetal composite pipes

3. Cost effective:

Low-cost base pipe, fewer CRA layer or lining pipe and optimal design of wall thickness make bimetal composite pipe cost effective.

4. Safety & Reliability:

The use of patented technology, special equipment and manufacturing process, ensure the surface quality of bimetal composite pipe and weld corrosion resistance, ensure safe and reliable operation.

5. Lower Operating Costs:

The use of bimetal composite pipe can significantly reduce the maintenance and management costs.

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