Afipsky refinery upgrading project

Refinery refers to a factory that produces diesel oil, gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oil, petroleum coke, asphalt, ethylene and other products from the crude oil extracted from the formation through distillation, catalysis, cracking, cracking, hydrofining and other processes. Afipsky oil refinery is a large-scale oil refinery in Russia. In 2019, the factory was upgraded on a large scale, and the staff reached 4000 at the peak of construction.

Forged flanges

Forged flanges

The upgrading of the refinery can not be done without the application of pipe fittings. Haihao Group received the project order in 2020. Both parties signed a supply contract and will continue to supply the refinery before the completion in 2022. This supply includes thick wall stainless steel pipes, high-pressure pipe fittings, high-pressure flanges and related supporting products. In the past two years, the total supply volume of Haihao Group has reached 4500 tons. In the early stage of supply, the customer provided us with the supply standards and relevant technical documents. After receiving them, our business personnel immediately contacted the technical department of the factory to discuss the manufacturing scheme, and communicated with the customer at the first time after the completion of the samples, to check the quality of the samples, and then mass production after confirmation.

Due to the complexity of the project construction and the variety of products required, the two sides have conducted many technical exchanges. Confirm the quantity of pipe fittings required at different positions in the project. The final supply of flanges and pipe fittings involves almost all sizes. In the second half of 2022, Haihao completed the supply of ordered products in multiple batches. The customer is satisfied with the product quality and the service of Haihao, and is communicating the next cooperation plan.