Haihao actively helps customers solve problems

As different countries and regions adopt different product standards, as a foreign trade supplier, manufacturers should be able to produce products of various standards. With more than 40 years of prodauction and operation experience in the pipe fitting industry, HAIHAO group can produce products of different standards according to customers’ needs,we can totally meet customers’ customized requirements. In addition to excellent production capacity, HAIHAO is also very attentive to customer service.

Site installation photos

Site installation photos

On September 2, our business personnel received a message from a Brazilian customer that a batch of steel tubes sent to Brazil had been successfully signed, but the customer encountered some difficulties in the using process. Because the construction team is not very familiar with the operating of Chinese products, after reading the instructions , there are still some details that can not be handled. After receiving the feedback, HAIHAO attached great importance to it and stepped up the recording of installation videos for customers, solving their doubts.

Haihao Group attaches importance to all difficulties encountered by customers. As long as you have any questions on pipe fitting products,welcome to consult at any time. HAIHAO will serve customers with the greatest sincerity before, during and after sales. You are welcome to choose our products at any time.