The advantage of pipe grooved ends joints

A grooved end joint is a mechanical connection,no welding,no thread.It’s fromed with a grooved-end pipes,fittings or valves,and a victualic coupling (or Equal).

The advantage of pipe grooved ends joints,as follows:

1.The pipes are grooved by rolled grooving machine.Pipe end preparation is fast and easy,so that can be done either in the shop or on the job site.In addition to speed and ease of assembly,the grooved system offers varied mechanical benefits to the designer,installer and owner.

2.The grooved end pipe fittings are easy to installation,disassembly and reinstallation,so it makes mechanical pipe jointing systems a fast and simple way to frequently enter piping systems to perform both routine and unscheduled maintenance.

Groove Flanges And Groove Pipe Fittings

Groove Flanges And Groove Pipe Fittings

3.The grooved mechanical joints can be assembled in remote areas because they require no power tools,can withstand any type of weather condition, and do not require flame during construction which is forbidden in dry areas.

Comparing to welding,flanging and threading joint pipe ends,grooved mechanical pipe joining offers increased safety,reduced installation time and costs,suitable for various working site and weather conditions.

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