What is slotted pipe?

Slotted drain pipe is a practical, aesthetically pleasing drainage inlet product for the efficient removal of surface water and sheet flow on streets and highways. Slotted Drain Pipe is fabricated by welding a narrow section of grating in a continuous slot cut in the top of a corrugated steel pipe

Drainage slotted pipes are used to eliminate excess water causing softening or degradation of the soil’s mechanical characteristics. Drainage pipes are made of rigid PVC, able to stand all kind of underground water as well as seawater and acid or alkaline diluted solutions.

Beside above, what is AGI pipe used for? An agricultural drain is a slotted PVC pipe placed into a trench that is backfilled with rocks or sand. The purpose of the agi pipe is to drain away any water that is in the ground.

3PE steel pipes

3PE steel pipes

One may also ask, how do you install a slotted drainage pipe?

Proper slope of the perforated drainage pipe is important for optimal drainage.

Dig a trench roughly twice the width of the drainage pipe and at least 2-feet deep with a shovel.

Use a small sledgehammer to install stakes every four feet along the trench.

How do you install a drainage channel?

Run your channel at right-angles to the fall of the paving with a fall of 1 in 80. Use a 1 metre-long straightedge and shim of 12.5mm to do this. Dig a depth of 100mm along the edge of your patio and fill it in with concrete. Put the first section of channel on the concrete.

When should you use a perforated drain pipe?

If you are creating a new garden landscape, make sure that you install a good drainage system. Hence, use perforated pipes to absorb all the excessive water and drain it out of the way. By installing the pipelines in the ground, you can also collect the rain water into a reservoir and then use it for irrigation.

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