Introduction of channel steel

Channel steel is a section of the groove shape of the long strip of steel,belongs to the construction and mechanical carbon structural steel,is a complex section of the steel,its cross-sectional shape for the groove shape.Channel steel is mainly used in building structure,curtain wall engineering,machinery and equipment and vehicle manufacturing.

Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel.The specification of hot-rolled ordinary channel steel is 5-40#.Hot rolled flexible channel steel specifications supplied by both supply and demand agreements are 6.5-30#.

channel steel

channel steel

Channel steel is mainly used in building structure,vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed cabinets, etc.,channel steel is often used in conjunction with I-steel.According to the shape it can be divided into 4 kinds:cold bending equal channel steel,cold bending unequal edge channel steel,cold bending inner winding channel steel,cold bending external winding channel steel.

Haihao Group could use the channel steel as raw material to produce galvanized metal cross arm,as per EN 10025:part2:004 grade s275.Haihao Group manufacture seamless steel pipes,welded steel pipes(ERW/LSAW steel pipes),galvanized steel pipes,PE&FBE&epoxy coated pipes and fittings,3 Layer PE&3LPE(3PE)&2LPE(2PE) coated pipes,pipe fittings and forged flanges more than 30 years,we can produce pipeline products as per clients requirement.If you have any questions,please email