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ASTM A105 Threaded Half Coupling BSPT 3000lb

What is threaded half coupling?

Threaded half couplings are threaded only at one end, the other end is welded or fastened to pipes or fittings. In some areas people also call it Threaded Half Socket. It can be used in commercial and industrial environment to transfer water, oil, gas or air.

ASTM A105 threaded half coupling is frequently used in hose connection except piping system. The threaded end is screwed onto a faucet, while the other end is clamped onto the hose. It is more suit for small diameter pipes with low pressure. Aerospace industry also uses half couplings as connectors for pressurized fuel piping.

Due to its extensive application, it is provided in various diameters and pressure ratings. Diameter is from 1/8″ to 4″ and pressure are 3000# and 6000#.

ASTM A105 Threaded Half Coupling BSPT 3000lb

ASTM A105 Threaded Half Coupling BSPT 3000lb

BSP Threaded Fittings

British Standard Pipe are shorten as BSP which threads come in two versions: parallel (BSPP), and tapered (BSPT).

While BSPT thread has a taper thread with 55 degree flank angle, which is the biggest difference with NPT thread. It has been adopted internationally for interconnection and sealing pipes and fittings. Its diameter increases or decreases along the thread length.

Compare with NPT Threaded Fittings,BSP Threaded Fittings are popular in Asia, Europe and UK.North America is rarely used unless the attachment is important.Male BSPT fittings should thread into a female BSPT fittings with 2 turns of thread sealant.

BSPP thread is parallel thread and often used in pressure systems on board ships.

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