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Socket Weld Outlet-Sockolet

Haihao Group manufacture & supply forged pipe fittings in high quality such as socket weld outlet(sockolet).We manufacture the sockolet in different grade,size,specification,thickness and materials as per the clients requirements,and which are manufactured according to national & international standards.

ASTM A182 F304L Sockolet

ASTM A182 F304L Sockolet

What is a sockolet(socket weld outlet)?

A sockolet is also called socket weld outlet,it is a type of self-reinforced branch fitting and used in small instrument connection or small size pipe branch.It is the same basic design as a weldolet where the major difference is that its connection.A socket weld outlet has a socket for welding versus,but a weldolet is connected by butt welding.A sockolet makes a 90° branch and comes in full size or reducing size for a straight piece of pipe.The full size sockolet means the sockolet has the same size as the run pipe,the reducing size means the sockolet size is less than the run pipe size.It is avaliable in Class 3000,6000 and 9000 for high pressures.

Specifications of sockolets(socket weld outlets):

Size: 1/2″-6″

Thickness: SCH 10,SCH 40,SCH 80,SCH 160,XS,XXS

Standards for socket weld outlets(sockolets):

ASME B16.11-2016 Standard Specification for Forged Fittings,Socket Welding and Threaded

MSS SP 97-2019 Standard Specification for Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings: Socket Welding, Threaded, And Buttwelding Ends

Materials for socket weld outlets(sockolets):

Haihao Group manufacture & supply socket weld outlets(sockolets) with different materials such as carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel.

Carbon steel: ASTM A105,A350 LF2,etc.

Stainless steel: ASTM A182 F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F321,F347,F310,F44,F51,etc.

Alloy steel: ASTM A182 F1,F5,F9,F11,F22,F91,ASTM A694 F42,F46,F52,F56,F60,F65,F70,etc.

Applications of socket weld outlets(sockolets):

Sockolets are used as pipe fittings in a wide variety of industrial applications like:chemical processing industries,petrochemical,pharmaceutical,food & beverage,pulp & paper,shipbuilding/marine,waste incineration,machine building,architectural,semiconductor etc.

Coating: black,yellow paint,varnish,anti-rust oil,galvanized,epoxy coating or as for clients’ requirements.

Package: In wooded cases or pallets,or as for clients’ requirements.

We also supply other pipeline products such as butt welding pipe fittings,forged pipe fittings,steel pipes and flanges.If you want to know more about our products,please email